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Subscribe to the School of Life Design Magickal Library for $15/month and receive instant, unlimited access to every digital resource available on this site (including unlimited access to online Jessica Mullen Oracle Deck readings and premium episodes of The Fun Show).

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The Fun Show S4E5: Pointless Presence

Kelly and Jessica brainstorm ideas for “this course” they want to make. It’s going to be about the opposite of… Play in new window | Download

The Fun Show S4E4: Perfect Timing Is the Theme!

Kelly and Jessica talk about creating linguistic memes to practice manifestation, good luck charms, “vroop vroopin’ it”, farmers market syndrome,… Play in new window | Download

The Fun Show S4E3: Disappointment Magick

This is a premium Fun Show. You must be logged in to the Magickal Library to hear the full episode.… Play in new window | Download

The Fun Show S4E2: The Fun Log

Kelly and Jessica discuss the new School of Life Design worksheet, The Fun Log, Jessica’s passion for pain in relationship… Play in new window | Download

The Fun Show S4E1: Make Dreams Reality

Kelly and Jessica ask, “What’s so fun about miser mode?” They also discuss bringing a rosary to the grocery store,… Play in new window | Download

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