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We've always talked about our work as digital drugs: a way to feel the effects of intoxicants (specifically psychedelics) without having to take them. We like to think our work is a way to transcend reality, much in the way shrooms or acid would help you do. That's why we experimented with this dime bag logo for a little bit. Here's a sample list of drugs that our materials can approximate. We'd love to hear about your experimentation with them!

Confidence Booster printable
1. Alcohol (Confidence Booster)
One of the best (and yes, also one of the worst) things about alcohol is that it can make you fearless. A drink is a great way to break the ice. It can help you feel comfortable in front of a crowd. If you want to learn to throw caution to the wind, try our Confidence Booster printable. Nervous about meeting someone new? How would you feel if you knew you would be appreciated and accepted? How would you act?


Funny Haha
2. Weed (Funny Haha)
One day we were sitting in bed smoking a bowl, reminiscing on this perfect backpack/purse that Jessica used to have. It was kind of a military style. She was looking online to see if she could find one like it. Instead of googling "military purse", she was so high she just typed in "military". As you can imagine, she didn't get the results she was hoping for. Kelly was so amused by this that she had to text our friend and tell him about it. "This bitch is so high...," she texted, and proceeded to tell him the whole thing. While she was typing it out, she realized she was the high one for thinking this was the most hilarious shit ever.

Weed makes life funnier. It makes you not feel so serious about things. It allows you to see the humor in... pretty much everything. Feel like you're high all day by training yourself to look for what's funny with our exercise Funny Haha, found in the Monthly Manifestation Manual.


Spell for Transcendence
3. DMT (Spell for Transcendence)
The first time Jessica smoked DMT, she felt like the back of her head unzipped into outer space and she was let in on the universal joke: Life is just for fun! This is just a fun exciting experiment! It's all good!

Our exercise Spell for Transcendence from the Monthly Magickal Record speaks to this zoomed out perspective. The worksheet asks you to draw an abstract representation of your thoughts, and then asks who or what is doing the observing of the thoughts. This technique for presence, or awareness of awareness, can help you remember the meaning of life. Once you get some distance from your thoughts by becoming the observer, you're able to see the miraculous perfection of our experience, and get back to having fun.


Cult of Counting
4. Adderall (Cult of Counting Handbook)
Adderall makes any task super satisfying, because it helps you fully focus on what you're doing in the present moment. You don't think about if it's what you should be doing; you're just doing it for the fun of it. You're just doing it because wild horses couldn't stop you. You can access this feeling of total focus by training yourself to release all thoughts outside of the present. A lot of what we think about is in the past or future—spaces and places that aren't even real! The only thing that truly exists is this moment you're experiencing right now. When you're totally focused on it, it's the only thing that matters. Get up to speed with the Cult of Counting Handbook now!


Daily Creative Breakthroughs
5. Microdosing Acid (Daily Creative Breakthroughs)
In a recent conversation with a friend, we mentioned in passing that we were fans of microdosing LSD (one hit in a 12oz water bottle, taking just one sip every other day). "Oh, I can't stand all that productivity stuff, I don't need to be more productive," he replied. We explained to him that while the extra little boost of energy the acid gives you is a nice side-effect, the real reason we like it is because of the creativity, inspiration and general lust for life that the smallest dose can bring about. It's a subtle lifting of all the mind's resistance, which leaves behind a natural feeling of oneness with life.

Download the printable version of this exercise for free for a drug-free breakthrough!

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