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Jessica Mullen and Kelly CreeFounded in 2010 by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen, School of Life Design (SoLD) utilizes the principles of design as a framework for shaping life experience. Gratitude is the use of emphasis: focus on what you like and what you want more of. Mental codes (or mantras) create peaceful mental rhythm. Consciousness is the balance of doing, thinking, feeling and being. Intention is the purposeful movement of energy. Visualization generates new patterns of thought and expectation. Transmutation creates joy out of the contrast of pain. Channeling reveals the unity and connectedness of all things.

When used deliberately, these tools allow you to design and experience the reality you prefer. In each moment, you are faced with a design decision: where do you focus your awareness? With daily practice of SoLD’s ever-evolving methodology for attention training, you will experience the manifestations, synchronicities and miracles you desire. Design your reality instead of the other way around; only you are the creator of you.

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