Author: kelly cree

You Do Not Have To Care

The only real freedom in life is deciding not to let external circumstances be your reason for feeling good . . . or bad. Imagine for a moment that you truly don’t care about that thing you think you need to happen. Think about the situation and say to yourself, “I don’t care.” Feel that […]

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How to use the Monthly Manifestation Manual

How to Use the Monthly Manifestation Manual

A brief overview of how to use the Monthly Manifestation Manual

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When you know something is going to happen, it does

When You Know Something is Going to Happen, It Does

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I knew this would happen,” what were the circumstances? Were you ecstatic about the way things turned out, or disappointed? How did you know it would happen? You can always choose a feeling of knowing about any subject matter. You can choose to know you will get the job […]

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