Book of Spells: Daily Ritual

Book of Spells Daily Ritual
BIG NEWS! We are writing a new book, tentatively titled the School of Life Design Book of Spells. This book is an evolution of the Monthly Manifestation Manual and is designed to go deeper into magickal practice while exploring the works of 31 mystical teachers. The book will be similar to the MMM in format, with a repeating daily ritual page and supplemental exercises for bringing philosophy into practice.

As we create the book, we will be releasing printable spreads for purchase or subscriber download. This week we are unveiling the Daily Ritual page, which gives structure to your spiritual activities, whether seated at your altar or accompanying you at work.

Download your Book of Spells: Daily Ritual 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for $5. Subscribers, login and download for free).

Book of Spells Daily Ritual

The Daily Ritual includes divination, spell casting, pre-paving, intention setting, gratitude and visualization—everything you may need to practice conscious creation, mindfulness and manifestation.

To begin, note the date, time and moon phase. This physical-world time tracking is useful for identifying patterns and synchronicities. There is also space to record a dream, whether it came to you in sleep last night or a daydream you can’t stop imagining.

Next, ask your question. This could be about love, money, health, work, family, or something specific. Write your question and get to divining!

The next three blocks provide space for recording the answers you receive in divination. Use your tarot decks, your runes, your pendulum, your tea leaves, or whatever else you may have at your disposal. Consult the oracles and note the answer.

Then we cast a spell! We borrow a prompt from Bashar, which helps us immediately begin living in our desired reality. “I am switching to the version of reality I prefer. In the reality I prefer…” and you write your reality as you want it to be. Manifestation is just a shift in perception, and this spell casting can bring about immediate results.

Up next is pre-paving! This is a technique we learned from Abraham-Hicks, where you imagine a future event going exactly the way you want it to go, in order to mold your expectation and thus reality. First, name the event. Then write down what’s the best that could happen before the event. What’s the best that can happen during? And finally, how do you want to feel after the event?

On the right-hand side of the page, we set an intention, say a prayer, declare our love, and send forgiveness. These actions direct our energy, ask for help from universe, tune ourselves to the highest vibration, and let go of our petty, ego-driven complaints.

Onto gratitude in advance! This powerful prompt asks you to say thank you for the things you want, as if you already have them. That is the core of manifestation—acting as if you already have the thing you want, and really feeling as good as if you did. Think about what you want, then start expressing your gratitude for it, as if you already had it. This gets you in the feeling place of having what you want, thus making you a magnet for it to come.

Then note how you want to feel. Everything we want to manifest, we want because we think it will make us feel better. What if we just chose to feel that good first? We wouldn’t need the manifestation! So identify what it is that you really want to feel, and take a moment to practice what it would feel like to feel that way. You don’t need anything outside of yourself to be happy, it can all be generated from within.

If meditation is something you do, there is space for insights and epiphanies. Otherwise the space can be used to make notes about your rituals and magick. Up to you!

Finally, consult your guides. This blank box is perfect for doodling and intuiting. Quiet your mind and listen for what advice you hear. You can try drawing with your non-dominant hand to see what your subconscious wants to tell you. Or draw a vision you’ve had, or a visualization of something you want. Let this be a space to uncover your inner wisdom, however it may come about.

Please enjoy this Daily Ritual worksheet and thanks for playing!

Download your Book of Spells: Daily Ritual 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for $5. Subscribers, login and download for free).

Book of Spells Daily Ritual

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