I Love Mondays #14: Just Keep Clicking

I Love Mondays #14

Ever feel overwhelmed? Stagnant? Do you ever feel like you've been plodding away at 'attaining enlightenment' for some time now and haven't made much progress? Sometimes I think to myself, "All I do is try to feel good and I still feel like shit, what is the point?!"

But then I ask myself, is it true that I never feel good? Of course not. And do I feel good most of the time? Yes. Do I often feel motivated? Yes. Do I often feel creative? Yes. Then I recall a moment not too far in the past in which I was feeling on top of the world. 

I feel the wave. I feel the knowing that with every fall there is a rise.

If you're feeling stuck this Monday, use these tools to put some motion in your ocean and set your ship sailing downstream once again.

I Love Mondays #14

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I Love Mondays #14


1. Just keep clicking.
This past week, I hit a wall on a project I was working on and felt frustrated about moving forward. Kelly recommended a technique she uses when she doesn't know how to progress (or how to want to progress) on a project. She tells herself, "just keep clicking". Make one small step. And then another small step. The smallest step possible. And those small steps give way to momentum which gives way to a feeling of relief which gives way to solutions. What's the smallest step you can take toward the solution you've been seeking?

I Love Mondays #14


2. Don't make it more than it is.
We had a repair person over the other day to fix our dryer and when handing a contraption to his counterpart to install, he instructed him to not "make it more than it is". The attachment appeared complicated, but was relatively easy to install. That notion stuck with me. It reminded me that there's no reason to over-think things. It reminded me that any thought pattern other than one of "yes, thank you,"--or something similar-- is over-thinking it. When you know that the universe is conspiring in your favor, you never have to wonder what will happen, you can just sit back and trust that it is. What's a situation you're over-complicating in your life? What's the simplest possible solution?

I Love Mondays #14


3. Say yes!
The other night we watched the film Waking Life with our friends, and my favorite part was the following monologue:

“Let me explain to you the nature of the universe. Now Philip K. Dick is right about time, but he's wrong that it's 50 A.D. Actually, there's only one instant, and it's right now, and it's eternity. And it's an instant in which God is posing a question, and that question is basically, 'Do you want to, you know, be one with eternity? Do you want to be in heaven?' And we're all saying, 'No thank you. Not just yet.' And so time is actually just this constant saying 'No' to God's invitation. I mean that's what time is. I mean, and it's no more 50 A.D. than it's two thousand and one. And there's just this one instant, and that's what we're always in."

After watching the film, I started using “Yes” as my mantra and noticed relief immediately. It helped me realize how much I resist every moment of my daily life. From doing the dishes, to brushing my teeth, I noticed myself dragging my feet. But when I started thinking “Yes. Yes. Yes,” when doing my chores, I felt better. I made peace with what is, and felt my body relax. I became more present in the moment with the mundane and routine, and was welcoming of every experience. Yes. Yes. Yes!

I Love Mondays #14


4. Channel your idealized self.
Gala Darling gave an inspiring talk in Melbourne last month, with this fabulous technique for becoming the best version of yourself you can be:

“One of my greatest tricks for becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be is, whenever you’re in a weird situation, you think, ‘What would my idealized self do right now?’ And then you just fucking do it!”

Ask yourself right now, “What would my idealized self do right now?”

Download your I Love Mondays #14 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for FREE for 1 week following the publish date of this post! After that time, it will be $5 (free for subscribers).

I Love Mondays #14

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