I Love Mondays #15: Get Over Yourself

I Love Mondays #15

This week’s issue of I Love Mondays is about remembering that the whole world is a reflection of our inner world. If you want to change the world, change yourself. We are all equal. We have more in common than we are different. We can influence our experience by choosing how we want to feel first, and then acting. And if all else fails to shift your perspective, just ask for help from your higher self.

I Love Mondays #15

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I Love Mondays #15


1. Get over yourself.
You’re no better or worse than anyone, you’re equal. In Gabby Bernstein’s course Shifting from Fear to Love, she addresses the idea that the ego sees others as better or worse than ourselves. These are called “special relationships”. Your crush is a special relationship, because you think your crush has something you don’t. And the person you dislike is a special relationship, because you think you’re better than them. Gabby offers a mantra that helps us remember we are all ONE and we are all equal: "I choose to perceive this person as equal and know that the light in them is equal to the light in me."

Who are some people your ego has created special relationships with? Decide to see them as your equals today. The people you are enamored with? Equal to you. The people you hate? Equal to you. Let go of the false specialness the ego creates and you can transcend the separation that causes us so much pain.

I Love Mondays #15


2. Remember the psychedelic knowledge you have by looking for the ways in which you are similar to others.
In Be Here Now, Ram Dass describes an experiment in which he dosed 200 people with LSD and had them fill out a questionnaire at the end. One of the common experiences people had was that instead of seeing the differences between people, the person on LSD started seeing the similarities between herself and others. This figure-ground reversal is another reflection of the concept that we are all one, and our differences separating us are as insignificant as the clothing we choose to wear.

Today, experience the benefit of psychedelics without taking drugs: with each person you encounter, look for the similarities between you. It turns out we all have way more in common than our ego wants us to believe.

I Love Mondays #15


3. Get in the vortex and then!
There’s really no hiding the fact that most of these tips are inspired by Abraham-Hicks, and this one is no different.

I had a message I was putting off opening, because I feared it would be bad news. So I ignored it, and had a really good orgasm first. Feeling euphoric, I decided to open the message. You won’t believe what happened next—it was nothing but praise and compliments! Any time you’re avoiding something, do whatever it takes to feel good first, and then check your messages. Then make the phone call. Then do your work. What happens to you is a reflection of how you feel, so if you feel good first, good things will be waiting.

What are you avoiding? How can you feel good first?

I Love Mondays #15


4. Leave space for the divine.
I was talking to my life coach, Cory Thomsen, about how hard I was trying to practice self love. No matter how hard I tried, it still seemed like I was missing something. Cory asked me, “Where are you leaving room for inspiration or guidance from the divine?” I realized I wasn’t leaving any room—I was so focused on my one specific self-love technique (thinking the mantra “I love myself”) that I was closed off to help from the nonphysical.

What is something you’re working really hard on, but you still feel stuck? How can you make space for help from infinite intelligence? If you don’t know how, leave the space blank and listen for an answer to come to you.

Download your I Love Mondays #15 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for FREE for 1 week following the publish date of this post! After that time, it will be $5 (free for subscribers).

I Love Mondays #15

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