I Love Mondays #23: Release Resistance With Gratitude

The theme for this week’s I Love Mondays is releasing resistance with gratitude. Our internal struggles are easily remedied with a shift in perspective from pushing away to embracing. As you go about your week, notice when you feel annoyed, angry, or sad. What are you resisting about your experience? Take the time to observe your resistance, and deliberately choose to allow instead. The processes in this week’s edition put you right back in the flow and return you to your natural, powerful state of love.

I Love Mondays #23

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1. Smell your fingers.

I came across this tweet and had to laugh out loud. It made me realize how much I have to be grateful for! Basic things like herbal medicine and good sex with a partner make such a huge difference in life, and this tweet made me realize how much I take for granted. What’s something your fingers might smell like that you appreciate? Alternatively, what do you WANT your fingers to smell like?


2. Turn resistance into gratitude.
Transmutation is the science (and art) of turning lead into gold. It’s the method of turning something you don't want into something you do. If we are all energy and your emotions are energy and your life is an out-picturing of the energetic state of your being, then you always have to power to tune that energy. Many teachers speak at length about this, and if you can master this technique, some teachers would argue that you've mastered life. When you feel very strongly against something, that means you feel very strongly for the opposite. The energy surrounding that topic is powerful. If you can harness all of the energy you are projecting against the thing you don't want, and turn that energy toward creating what you do want, you create an incredibly strong driving force in the direction of the preferred version. Harness your resistant energy, and transmute it into creative energy.

The other day, Kelly was feeling particularly resistant about working on a client project. It was Friday and she simply didn't want to work. She wanted lay on the floor and pet our cat Pwny. But the work had to be done, so she had to find a way to do it. She took to her keyboard and WYSIWYG and began some stream-of-consciousness writing to help her resolve her resistance. As she journeyed back toward the center of her self, she remembered how GRATEFUL she is to have the work! How grateful she is to be able to pay her bills. How grateful she is to have the clients she does. How grateful she is to work with clients who let her express her creativity and hone her skills!

There are essentially two main vibrations you can feel: resistance and allowing. Resistance feels bad. It feels disgusting really. Allowing feels good—really, really good! At any point, if you feel resistant toward something, that energy can be turned to gold. Just by changing your perspective, you change the trajectory of your life. When you change your energetic frequency, you change the circumstances you attract.

As you can imagine, after Kelly tuned her vibration and lined up the energy, the work flowed effortlessly through her and she even (gasp!) enjoyed doing it.

Is there something in your life you are resisting? What can you be grateful about in the situation instead?


3. Worry less, travel more.

Debbie Millman is one of our graphic design heroes. Her article about turning 30 and the lessons she’s learned over time helped me relax and lighten up about my own life. Debbie’s two major takeaways from reflecting on her 30th birthday are that she wished she would have worried less and traveled more. You don’t have to tell me twice! We’re here on this earth to play and have fun, and travel helps us remember how much there is to love about life. And worrying is just wishing for what we don’t want—it accomplishes nothing and makes us feel miserable!

What is one thing you want to worry less about?
What can you do instead of worry?

I Love Mondays #23


4. Meditate to get what you want.
Our neighbors across the street are quite fond of their PA system. They use it nearly every weekend to broadcast music throughout the neighborhood. Though it gets kind of annoying when the ads from their Pandora station are blasting or when they let small children on the mic, we've grown to embrace the celebratory air the loud music lends to the neighborhood. It helps that they listen to good music!

One particular Saturday, when the PArty was hoppin', we decided we would fully embrace it and go on the porch to meditate. We did this a couple times before, and each time the music miraculously stopped once we settled into the meditative field. As we sat down, we both thought to ourselves, "the music will probably stop once we start," and guess what?! It did!

We weren't particularly resistant to the music, but definitely preferred to meditate in silence. We didn't need it to stop to enjoy our 15 minutes, but we preferred it. And then magically, it did. Next time the behavior of others is driving you crazy (or even just slightly rubbing you the wrong way), sit down and meditate. The only thing you can control is your willingness to release the need to control! Once you forget what you're mad about, the situation is free to resolve itself!

[sidenote: As I was writing this, the music stopped!]

What do you want? Let it go with 15 minutes of meditation and see what magick unfolds! What epiphanies to you have?

Download your I Love Mondays #23 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for FREE for 1 week following the publish date of this post! After that time, it will be $5 (free for subscribers).

I Love Mondays #23

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