I Love Mondays #26: Flex Your Magick Muscles

I Love Mondays #26
Thought patterns gather momentum. When you look for something, you see it. The more you see it, the more you expect to see it. The more you expect to see it, the more you see it, and so on. This can be awesome when you’re consciously creating a satisfying pattern, but extremely frustrating when you’re trying to turn the boat on a not-so-satisfying pattern.

In our case, the pattern requiring a change in trajectory this week was “vacation mode”. Since the beginning of August, we’ve been traveling, working on our place and hosting a guest. We had a blast! When it was time to get back into "working mode" last Monday, we struggled. Not that vacation mode was unsatisfying—it was quite satisfying—but we had some things that we wanted to “get done”. In fact, we were eagerly anticipating getting back to focusing on creating, but changing the mindset all at once proved challenging.

Incrementally, we shifted the trajectory of our streams of thought by getting in touch with what we truly wanted, looking for evidence of magick, breathing consciously and honing our super powers. If you’re trying to install new thought patterns this week, know that it may be difficult at first. It’s like doing anything physical—with practice it gets easier. Allow yourself to practice. Use the mind exercises below to flex your magick muscles and roll the snowball any direction you choose.

I Love Mondays #26

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I Love Mondays #26


1. Flip a coin.
Knowing what you truly want can be a challenge. When faced with a tough decision, there are usually pros of each choice. If I charge less then I’m worth, I still get paid a little; if I charge what I’m worth and don’t get the job, I don’t get paid, but I am free to focus on my creative endeavors. Which do I choose? It can be hard to trust (or even know) your gut feeling when fear, doubt or guilt cloud your judgement. A surefire way to bring clarity to your subconscious desires (your gut feeling) is to flip a coin. When it’s in the air, you’ll hope for an outcome. That’s your answer.

Label both sides of the coin on the worksheet. Then flip a coin (or anything with two sides) and find your answer.

I Love Mondays #26


2. Make an affir-meme.
When we first moved to Cleveland, we were absolutely delighted with so many things about our apartment and neighborhood. There’s a Rite Aid 2 blocks away! There are great restaurants 4 blocks away! Our apartment has so many things we wanted! We kept saying to each other, “This is so much better than I expected!” After a while, the phrase became our mantra and we kept running into more and more things that were better than expected. Now the phrase has become our expectation when we go out to eat, or to events, or when dealing with our landlord or other types of management. “This food is better than I expected!” “This service is better than I expected!” We say it all the time, and now we see the results everywhere!

What’s a phrase you want to be true? Start saying it all the time!

I Love Mondays #26


3. Brain bad breathing good.
I read this incredible account of a peyote trip that inspired me and blew my mind a little bit. The author was so far gone and overwhelmed that he needed assistance from a friend. She reminded him to focus on his breathing, to which he thought, oh yeah, “Don’t focus on the lies your mind tells you about what was going to happen, that only make it worse. Focus on your breath and your body. Don’t think. Brain bad, breathing good.” Even if you’re not tripping, this concept is so helpful! The mind tricks us into worrying about all sorts of unnecessary things.

Today, when you feel anxious, just remember: Brain bad, breathing good! There are many ways you can focus on your breathing instead of thinking. One way is to think, “Breathing in I know I’m breathing in. Breathing out I know I’m breathing out.” Another is to just think the words, “In. Out.”

Doodle while you focus on your breathing. Try drawing a square while you do square breathing, or draw little sine waves. Just do something to focus on the breath and not your thoughts.

I Love Mondays #26


4. List your supernatural powers.
A woman at our last market told us about the book Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon in which the author describes how gratitude, self love and mindfulness help develop superpowers. Of course, I requested it from the library right away, but even just the mention of the concept helped me remember who I really am. I don’t have to read the book (though I am really excited about reading it!), because I already know the power of me. I know that coursing through me is the energy that creates worlds and that when I am focused on that energy, I see miracles all around me. I can read minds, I can tell the future, and most importantly, I think of something and then it appears!

What superpowers do you have—or want to have—when you are fully connected to source energy?

Download your I Love Mondays #26 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for FREE for 1 week following the publish date of this post! After that time, it will be $5 (free for subscribers).

I Love Mondays #26

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