I Love Mondays #6: Take It So Lightly You Fly!

I Love Mondays #6

Life can seem like all death and decay. But what if we didn't take it so seriously? In the face of lawsuits, illness, root canals and environmental destruction, Kelly and I are choosing to be light and enjoy life anyway. As painful as life can be, we can find equal pleasure and joy when we look for it. Today we're taking advice from Twitter, family, lawyers and of course, Cardi B. Make the choice to take things so lightly you fly!

I Love Mondays #6

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I Love Mondays #6


1. Consume less.

"the less I consume on every level, the more space I have inside myself" -BrainPornNinja

Consumption isn't just limited to resources. Think about all of the ideas, emotions and vibrations you consume on a daily basis. Everything you give your attention to, you are consuming. You are filling your heart, your spirit, your vibration with those things. Everything you consume can potentially contribute to clutter in your soul. The less you consume, the less you fixate on, the less you allow to affect you, the more peace and stillness inside of you. Picture your heart center as a room in your house. Imagine that room as empty and peaceful--a place where you can take solace from outside influences. Now imagine filling that room with everything you give your attention to. The horrors of the world. The ignorance of government. Your annoyances. The room can fill up quite quickly. Now, your soul is cluttered with distractions. It is no longer a place of peace. Consider not giving attention to those things that don't bring you peace. Don't invite them into your room and leave more space for the things that do bring joy and harmony into your life.

I Love Mondays #6


2. Don't worry about your problems with your dad.
A close family member of ours is facing some serious medical issues which have been confounded by a long standing conflict with another family member. We were having a conversation with a trusted mentor about the situation the other day and she offered this salient and simple advice: "Don't worry about your problems with your dad, just worry about getting well." Little did she know, she was offering valuable advice that most people could benefit from. Many of us have a long standing conflict with a relative. It may not even be an argument or resentment, it may be a result of a constant need to please or get validation from this person. "Why would I hop in some beef, " asks Cardi B, "when I could just hop in a Porsche?" Why do we insist on carrying these life long burdens with us? Why do we continue to let old resentments, bitterness and grudges stand in the way of our own well being? What is a long standing beef you could squash today? And what would it feel like to ride off in that Porsche?

I Love Mondays #6


3. Help others by helping yourself.
The law of attraction states that like attracts like. If you notice something about someone else, that's an indicator that vibration exists within you. You are the source. Kelly noticed she was calling someone else out about not taking the necessary steps to take care of themselves. Meanwhile, she had a toothache she had been putting off dealing with for months. Perhaps she was just noticing in that person what she was afraid to face within herself. How could that person reflect anything but her dominant vibration? You are what you attract. Everything is an indicator. Deal with your own shit and watch as that vibration shifts in those around you.

I Love Mondays #6


4. Don't let them clip your wings.
I was talking to a lawyer about a pending court date I have. I mentioned that we're moving to Cleveland in the near future, and I asked if moving would have any effect on the case. The lawyer replied with a jolly, "GIRL! Don't let them clip your wings!" What a relief! What great advice! Just because someone else is trying to hold me back doesn't mean I have to let them! It's time to fly off to the Cle!

Download your I Love Mondays #6 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for FREE for 1 week following the publish date of this post! After that time, it will be $5 (free for subscribers).

I Love Mondays #6

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