I Love Mondays #8: Everything Is Connected

I Love Mondays #8

School of Life Design came into being as a spiritual business inspired by a lot of psychedelics and a little bit of Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Work Week. Now here we are, 8 years later, still blogging about our epiphanies on the magick life. When I remember what I learned from my wild intoxicated 20s and the trips that opened my mind to the law of attraction, it was the messages about love, and about oneness. There is a whole fucking deep as fuck universe out there and we all just walk around living our material lives acting like nothing strange is going on! Like this isn't a miracle, right here, right now! Like we don't love this shit!

All that to say, every day I still have to remember that my manifestations are my doing. My thoughts are creating my reality. I have to remember to take responsibility for how I feel and what I think. This week, that meant trigger point therapy, inspiration from space, deciding to love the parts of me I don't like, and of course a mind-blowing meme sent from a friend.

I Love Mondays #8

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I Love Mondays #8


1. Trigger Point Therapy!
This story begins many months ago when Kelly argued against me purchasing a theracane, claiming that it would just end up another piece of junk that didn't get used. After trying it, she quickly admitted she was wrong to naysay and agreed it was a life-changing purchase. Since introduced to trigger point therapy, we have come across more and more methods of relieving these pent-up areas of stress and pain. Just the other night, we were at a friend's birthday party--rolling around on the floor with lacrosse balls--and another friend offered to let us borrow one of her books on the topic. The book explains the causes of trigger points, where in the body they cause pain, and how to best to alleviate them. One of the most eye-opening things we read is that one trauma or over-exertion ages ago could be causing a lot of pain in today. One tiny little point of stress could be affecting your entire body.

And the same is true for thoughts--or rather, these points of built-up tension in your body are manifestations of thoughts. Is there one incident or scenario that you've held on to for many years that still causes you pain? An emotional trigger point, as it were? Just like when you hit a trigger point on your body, it hurts--sometimes very bad. But at the same time that it brings about such pain, trigger point therapy feels sooooo good. "You have to feel it to heal it," the gurus say. Find your emotional trigger points and feel them. Feel the pain of them. And through allowing yourself to feel that pain, allowing it to be expressed rather than bottled up, it will start to go away.

The worksheet asks you what thought pattern may be connected to the pain. To get some ideas, check out Louise Hay's Metaphysical Causations PDF. It matches nearly any malady with a potential thought pattern cause. Your body holds all the answers!

I Love Mondays #8


2. Don't think about how many screws you have to screw.

"It takes all the focus I can muster. I have 32 tiny screws to remove, so I have a Zen approach to doing the task where I only think about the one specific task I’m doing. The one specific screw. And when that screw is out, I move to the next screw. Eventually I'll get to the last one and then I'll be done. There's no point in thinking about how many screws I have ahead of me, or how many I completed. It'll just be the one screw." - John Mace Grunsfeld

In order to maintain his composure while replacing dozens of screws on the Hubble Space Telescope, astronaut John Mace Grunsfeld had to keep all of his focus in the present moment. He couldn't think about what happened in the past or what was yet to come. He knew a wandering mind could bring about anxiety, which could distract him from the difficult and highly stressful task at hand.

Have you ever noticed when you're completely focused on something and you just tune out and the task seems to just get done? Or how when you create something without thinking about it, it is often so much better than the thing you thought to death? What Grunsfeld knew by employing his "zen approach" is that thought interrupts the flow. Thinking about the past or future will never change the here and now.

What is one screw in the spaceship of your desire? What can you focus on today? How can you immerse yourself in totally loving the life you have right now?

I Love Mondays #8


3. Love instead of discipline.

Often discipline implies making yourself do something you don't want to do. Because if you wanted to do it, why would you need discipline to do it? What if I wanted to work out regularly? What if I wanted to eat better? What if I wanted to get up early? What would it feel like to actually want those things instead of just thinking I should do them? It feels like believing in myself. It feels like being in alignment with the best version of myself. It feels like knowing I deserve it. It feels like caring about how I feel and doing the work to feel good because I'm worth it. It feels like loving myself.

When you beat yourself up for the habits you're not taking on but you wish so desperately that you would, you perpetuate that scenario. You repeat the bad habit, beat yourself up about it, vow to change, repeat the bad habit, and so on. When you choose self-love, it informs all habits. Choose to love yourself first. Choose compassion for yourself first. Decide to love your intuition so much that you trust whatever she says. Decide that you will do whatever feels best to you in every moment, because you love you so very much. Then the habits that serve you will fall into place.

I Love Mondays #8


4. Focus on one thing.
Our friend Rynold sent us a slightly very nsfw meme a few days ago that depicted a man vigorously fucking a woman from behind. Winded as the male character was, he paused to take a break. This did not please the woman, as she explained to him that she already said "No fucking breaks!" Rynold was entranced by this video and watched it repeatedly. The next day when we brought it up again he shared that "No fucking breaks!" had become a mantra for him, and that he heard the woman saying it whenever his mind wandered. No fucking breaks from your laser focus. No fucking breaks from expecting the best. No fucking breaks from certainty to stop and wonder or worry. No fucking breaks from knowing you are the creator. No fucking breaks from caring about how you feel.

Download your I Love Mondays #8 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for FREE for 1 week following the publish date of this post! After that time, it will be $5 (free for subscribers).

I Love Mondays #8

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