I Love Mondays #9: Shift from Problems to Solutions

I Love Mondays #9

After a couple months of dealing with doctors and lawyers, I’m starting to understand how the longer I live, the more problems I’ll have. There will always be another sickness, another financial crisis, and another family drama. There will always be more troubles and things to fret about! So right now, in the middle of whatever problem you have, realize this: when this problem is over, there will be another one. They’ll never end. It’s the nature of life. How about we decide right here, right now, to feel good regardless of our problems?

Let’s decide to shift our perspective from the contrast to the solution. Every time you find a new problem, just tell yourself, “Yay! Something new is hatching!” And then find a way to let the problem go and feel good. Problems occur so that you can have new desires. They’re not something to dread, but rather something to embrace. Without them, you couldn’t grow and desire and dream and achieve. There would be no point to life! When you decide to get off the roller coaster of focusing on problem after problem, you’ll find yourself tranquil in the eye of the storm. There will always be another problem to think about! Resolve to stand up to your thoughts and get on with enjoying your life!

I Love Mondays #9

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I Love Mondays #9


1. Let the universe complete your to-do list.
Abraham-Hicks offered a terrific to-do list process: make a list of the things YOU must get done today, and then make a list of things you want the UNIVERSE to do for you today. Give the universe all those things that are too hard or complex or stressful, and keep the fun and easy things for yourself. Start on your list and see how many things life took care of for you while you were doing what you really want to do! #magicklife

I Love Mondays #9


2. Stop resisting.

Our friend Betty shared an article in the School of Life Design Facebook group about how "Nothing is ‘hard,’ — only your resistance to it.” After reading the article, I noticed how 'hard' obligations seemed leading up to the event, but once the event was happening, it was effortless. I spent so much time dreading doctor appointments and paperwork, even though when I was actually talking to the doctor or filling out a form, I was calm and present, without dread and negative emotion. Now while walking to our engagements, Kelly and I remind each other: it’s not the event that’s hard, it’s the resistance. It might not totally make the resistance disappear, but it puts it in perspective.

What’s something you know you want to do, but you dread doing? Make a list of reasons why you do want to do it, and a list of reasons why you don’t. You’ll probably find lots of good reasons TO do it, and all the reasons NOT to do it are based on fear. When it comes time to follow through, remember your list and let it inspire you to action.

I Love Mondays #9


3. Focus on what already feels good in your life.
Another Abraham-Hicks teaching is, “Your Mood Is Your Work!” The better you feel, the better thoughts and experiences you attract. When you feel bad, you’re a match to problems. When you feel good, you’re a match to solutions. If you have a problem, you don’t have to start feeling good about it to solve it. You can instead let the problem go and focus on feeling good for other reasons. It’s easy to feel good when we stop focusing on what’s going wrong. Then, after you’ve tuned your vibration to feeling good without changing a thing, you’ll find your problems start fixing themselves. Your work is not to hound your problems with frustration. Your work is to improve your own mood so the solutions come to you.

What do you have to feel good about?

I Love Mondays #9


4. Talk to yourself like your pet.
You know how it’s easy to be sweet to your pet, even when she’s bad? Why not try that perspective on yourself? Picture your higher self is the pet owner, and you’re the pet. Tell yourself things like, “You’re such a good human! You’re so beautiful! What a good job! You’re so smart!”

God/your higher self/life/the universe loves you even more than you love your pet. Get a taste of that unconditional love with some kind self-talk. What would you say to yourself if you spoke to yourself like a beloved animal?

Download your I Love Mondays #9 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for FREE for 1 week following the publish date of this post! After that time, it will be $5 (free for subscribers).

I Love Mondays #9

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