Be the Observer

Be the Observer


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We hear of mantras and affirmations and positive thinking, but sometimes trying to wrangle our thoughts just seems impossible! When directing your thoughts just isn’t working, give up! Become the observer. Instead of forcing yourself to think one thought or another, say to yourself, “Be the observer.” Then listen to what you’re thinking. At first the thoughts might be swirling so fast it feels like trying to hold onto a raindrop in a hurricane. But if you persist, you’ll start to see you are not a victim of your thoughts; you are that which observes your thoughts.

Sit quietly and say to yourself, “Be the observer.” Then listen. In the lines above, write down each thought that passes through your mind. It doesn’t matter if you like the thought or not, just let it pass on by. When you write the thought down, it is free to leave your awareness.

As you observe your thoughts, you may start feeling a childlike playfulness you haven’t felt in a long time. The spaces between thoughts will get longer, and you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. There is an energy source within you that is instantly accessible when you step back from the hurricane of thinking and watch through the peaceful eye of the storm.


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