Beyond Manifestation: A Daily Practice

Beyond Manifestation: A Daily Practice


Beyond Manifestation: A Daily Practice is a 1-page, 11×8.5″ PDF printable worksheet.
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This daily practice page is an excerpt from our Beyond Manifestation Journal, repeated 31 times within the book.

At School of Life Design, we are shifting our focus away from manifestation and emphasizing the importance of presence. Manifesting is fun and exciting, but it can be distracting from total fulfillment in the here and now. Manifesting implies that you don't have something that you want. But in a state of total presence, you have absolutely everything you need, and the power to reveal the already-created-existence of whatever you desire.

The Beyond Manifestation monthly planner focuses on accessing the infinite Now, empowering you to simply switch to your preferred reality. Absolutely nothing in your life needs to change, only the way you look at things. If you can train your attention to feel good, let go of resistance, and focus into a single point, you have the power to DECIDE the way you want life to be, and so it is.

This Daily Practice exercise from the new journal provides a four-step process for focusing your attention enough that switching to the reality you prefer becomes easier and easier. First, you practice feeling lust for life to remind yourself why life is worth living. Second, you let go of resistant thoughts keeping you out of the Now. Third, you focus your attention with counting, conscious breathing, or chanting. With the resulting good mood and thought-free state of mind, you are free to choose the circumstances of your life.

The goal of this exercise is to practice presence, and in doing so, realize life already is the way you want it to be. All the things you want to manifest, you only want so that you feel better. Doing this worksheet IS the manifestation, because you will not only feel better, but also be focused enough to perceive the material world in any way you desire.

How would you feel if you knew everything you wanted was already on the way? You would just sit back and relax and enjoy your life right now. And it is from that relaxed, content state that you are an irresistible magnet for love, abundance, miracles, and peace. You no longer need to strive to achieve. When you go beyond manifestation into the infinite depth of the present moment, life truly is the way you want it to be.


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