Beyond Manifestation Journal + Monthly Magickal Record + Monthly Manifestation Manual Thrundle

Beyond Manifestation Journal + Monthly Magickal Record + Monthly Manifestation Manual Thrundle


The Beyond Manifestation Journal + Monthly Magickal Record + Monthly Manifestation Manual Bundle consists of 3 perfect-bound journals. For more details on the individual books, please see the product pages linked in the aforementioned titles. This bundle offers a 25% savings over purchasing the books individually at full retail price.

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The Beyond Manifestation journal is a 183-page monthly planner, journal and workbook for centering yourself in the present.

Designed to reveal the paradise of Right Now while also organizing your linear time, Beyond Manifestation journal combines weekly planner pages with a daily presence practice and 31 meditative exercises. In the present moment, everything is fun and there’s nothing to worry about. But sometimes we get lost in thought and need a light back to the perspective of perfection. Beyond Manifestation Journal illuminates a 5-step presence practice to wake you up in the dream. Relax into the total perfection of the Now, detached from the ups and downs of life. In this moment you are loving, playful, and totally fulfilled. Welcome to the paradise Beyond Manifestation!

The Monthly Magickal Record is a 158-page monthly planner and interactive book of spells.

Your thoughts create your reality, and your words are the spells that bring thought to life. With systematic clarity, the Monthly Magickal Record unveils the exact process of how your words become flesh.

There are 31 pages of the Daily Ritual, where you can chronicle your divination readings, pre-pave your experiences and manifest your desires. Between each Daily Ritual is a different spell for stepping into your power as god in human form.

Also included are six weeks of calendar pages for participating in time-based consensus reality. Designed for modern witches, conscious creators, and mindful magicians alike, this journal empowers users to make magick a daily practice.

The Monthly Manifestation Manual is a 136-page monthly planner and journal that helps you stay your spiritual course on a day-to-day basis.

Life Design—like any other practice—requires diligence and dedication. When you practice a sport, your skills improve. When you maintain focus on the version of reality you prefer, you get better at looking for what you want to see. When you look for what you want to see, you find it.

Make a deliberate practice of creating your life experience with your thoughts and you will gain noticeable mental stamina, agility, and acuity. Things won't bother you as much. You will feel more calm. Most importantly, you will feel at peace with life.

There is no limit to the magick you can experience when you are in the practice of using it.


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