Confidence Booster

Confidence Booster


Confidence Booster is a 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF printable worksheet.
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When you're trying to lift yourself up, what are you really doing? It may seem that the work of boosting your confidence must be to toot your own horn, but even in doing that, what you are ultimately doing is attempting to assuage fears and limiting beliefs. Feeling more confident in yourself has a lot more to do with releasing negative thoughts than it does about trying to implant positive ones. When we cut the resistant thoughts loose, our mood and vibration rise naturally.

1. What do you want to succeed at?

2. How would you feel if you knew you were going to succeed? If you knew for a fact that all of those "what-ifs" in your head were never going to happen? What would your body feel like? What would your mood feel like? What would life feel like? Would you feel confident in your endeavor? Would you feel confident in the universe's ability to show up for you? Notice that in the absence of fear, confidence already exists.

3. List some times you've felt confident in the past. Really feel that feeling that you felt then. Did you feel confident because you had a particular reason to, or was it a fearlessness that brought about the certainty? Either way, when you feel for that feeling, you'll realize that the confidence is in you. You can feel it any time, when you release the thoughts and emotions that are masking it.


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