Contrast Is A Gift Long Sleeve


This image comes from Day 21 of the Monthly Manifestation Manual. Contrast is your friend. While at times contrast’s tough love can be frustrating, it is always on your side. When contrast throws you for a loop, remember that it is always helping you get what you want by mak- ing you ask. Take the time to align with what the universe is helping you ask for, and you’ll realize it’s already on its way.
1. What is your contrast?
2. What is the contrast helping you ask for?
Become it, then see it. Affirm. Look for evidence of what you’re asking for. Attention creates. You have the choice to resist your contrast or celebrate what it’s helping you create. The one you pay attention to is the one you see more of.
3. I am
4. I have
5. I love it when

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