Cult of Counting Activity Pages
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Cult of Counting Activity Pages


Cult of Counting Activity Pages is a 3-page, 8.5×11″ PDF of worksheets. non-subscriber digital downloads are limited to two download attempts.

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These activity pages are from our upcoming journal, the Cult of Counting Activity Book. The Cult of Counting is a project dedicated to bringing awareness to the power of silent counting. Silent counting is the practice of counting silently in one's head. We evangelize the practice of silent counting because it is a way to train one's attention and return to one's natural state of feeling good.

When you count in your head, you don't get sucked into negative thinking or worrying. You are still aware of your thoughts, but the thoughts don't drag you down rabbit holes of despair. The more you count, the sharper your focus becomes. And when your focus is sharp, your creative power is honed.

Your manifesting abilities become stronger when you count because you aren't thinking the resistant thoughts that normally prevent what you want from coming to you. When you ask, it is given. If we could have desires and let them go and feel good, we would manifest our wishes much more quickly and effortlessly. But we tend to worry and resist and doubt that we can have what we want. Silent counting removes that doubt by replacing it with the confidence of a single-minded focus.

We started practicing silent counting after reading Be Here Now by Eckhart Tolle in 2011. In the book, Tolle suggests counting the space between thoughts as a way to get a glimpse of the present moment. Normally in life we get so caught up in our minds that we forget about or totally ignore the miracle that's in front of us RIGHT NOW. Silent counting helps us get distance from our thoughts. Since only our thoughts make us feel bad, the more distance from our thoughts we can get, the better we feel.

The creator of Second Life, Philip Rosedale is another advocate for silent counting. We like to use Mr. Rosedale's goal of counting to 10,000 each day, and we experience remarkable change in our mood and focus after sticking to the practice for a day or two.

Activity Pages Instructions
There are many techniques you can use for counting on these pages. You can write the numbers in the shapes, or make marks like dashes or dots and count those. I like using dots and writing down my number every time I reach another 100.

If you like these worksheets, please leave a review on this product, or share pictures with us on Instagram! We'd love to see the art that comes from your powerful focus!

1 review for Cult of Counting Activity Pages

  1. Tina Dutkiewicz

    This is an amazing exercise of the mind. A few weeks ago, I would have never believed my mind would get off the hamster wheel of life just by writing numbers. I now know that was low level thinking. So, worth the download. Once you try it; you will love it. Coloring and counting my way to a new way of thinking.

    Many Thanks to S.O.L.D
    I guess you can say I am sold ;o)
    Christina D.

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