Gathering Momentum

Gathering Momentum


Gathering Momentum is available as an 8.5 × 11″, 100-page spiral bound notebook ($20) or 1-page digital download (free).

Ever-so-slightly Damaged notebooks contain minor aesthetic flaws that do not affect the usability of the notebook.

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Attention creates. Which makes you the creator! Make the choice today to give your attention to what you want and what you want more of. What you choose to focus on will expand. Notice it, get more of it!

The prompts in this book help you direct your thoughts on a daily basis. By focusing on gratitude, flow, inspiration, love and excitement, you will magnetize yourself to attract more into your life. If you believe your thoughts create your reality, this book will give you a framework for creating a life experience you love. The more time you spend training your attention, the more manifesting momentum you will gather!


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