I Am A Powerful Witch

I Am A Powerful Witch


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“What if we unabashedly came out as the magical, powerful creatures we know ourselves to be in our dreams and our hearts? What if we said to ourselves today and every day, ‘I am a powerful witch’ and actually took responsibility for what that knowledge means?” asks writer and tarot reader Andi Grace in her badwitch.es article, Coming out of the Woo Closet.

If you’re like a lot of witches we know, then you have some non-believers in your life. You probably know more than a few people who think your work is bullshit or perhaps even accuse you of being godless (the irony!) or even (gasp!) evil.

This nay-saying can take its toll and as Grace explains in her article, “in a very real and tangible way, my body fears for its life in coming out as a witch.” It’s not only the fear of rejection that we face, it’s fear of hate or violence.

Despite the critical eyes of the haters, though, we always have the deep, unshakable knowledge of who we are. That we are god. That we are the powerful creators of our life experience. In the moment of truly remembering your power, you can feel the alchemical change that transmutes all of the fear into creative energy.

Use this energy right now to command something into existence and write it in the clouds. Let every person who ever doubted your power be your motivation. Send an unwavering signal of confidence that since you commanded it, it will be.


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