Jessica’s Guide to Magick

Jessica’s Guide to Magick


Jessica’s Guide to Magick is a free 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet.

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Chock full of potent reminders, this poster-cum-worksheet is a great way to keep all of your magickal knowledge nearby. You know these truths, but it can be easy to forget them when distracted with the chores of daily life. Keep this near your desk to remind you that presence makes work fun. Keep it in the bedroom to remind you who you really are. Really it's best to keep one in every room so the knowledge is never very far away!

A note from Jessica on this Guide to Magick

Over three years ago, Kelly and I picked up our lives from Austin, Texas and moved north to Kelly’s hometown of Galesburg, Illinois. I was freshly sober, painfully broke, and unable to afford the rising cost of living in Austin. Miraculously, Kelly’s mom graciously allowed us to stay in a house she owned but wasn’t living at. We breathed such a huge sigh of relief when we moved into that house, because it meant we no longer had to worry about the nagging threat of homelessness.

A couple weeks after settling in, I noticed all the mystical implements on my desk surrounding me, like tarot cards and runes and a moon journal. I reflected on how much I had learned about magick and life design during our tumultuous last months in Austin.

Everything in this worksheet was gathered from my experience of trying to keep my shit together while abandoning a city I loved for the unknown. The part about dreaming came from the nightmares I was having, and learning to “state test” constantly to determine if I was dreaming or not.

The question about intuition at the bottom was a lesson from a workshop with Betsy LeFae, which helped us know for sure that moving was a good idea. The part about starting a Monthly Manifestation Manual is included because my MMM was my rock and guiding light that kept me calm and intentional during the move.

And even though we were so scared to leave our Texan comfort zone, we videotaped our adventure to laugh at ourselves and can now look back on the experience quite fondly.

All of these tools gathered in my Guide to Magick are tried and true, and we hope they can offer a gentle reminder whenever you may need one. Remember: You are the creator! You live the magick life! And your power is available to you right now!


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