Monthly Magickal Record Weekly Planner

Monthly Magickal Record Weekly Planner


Monthly Magickal Record Weekly Planner is a 1-page, 11×8.5″ PDF worksheet. non-subscriber digital downloads are limited to two download attempts.

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Welcome to the time-based portion of the Monthly Magickal Record, the upcoming journal by School of Life Design co-creators Jessica Mullen and Kelly Cree. Use this page as you would a magickal day planner, noting your appointments and your gratitudes. When you appreciate what you have, you attract more.

Beside each date field are three spaces labeled “B,” “L,” and “D”. This is for breakfast, lunch and dinner meal planning. We included these spaces because nutrition can have a big impact on magickal powers. Not having to wonder about what you’re going to eat makes space for upper-level operations.

Discard your to-do list for a to-not-give-a-fuck about list, which asks you to imagine what it would feel like to truly let go of needing to check items off a list to feel good. When you do not give a fuck if you get something done, you will find the universe makes arrangements for you.

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