Opposite Spells

Opposite Spells


Opposite Spells is a 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF printable worksheet.
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When you want someone to cancel, get dressed and ready.
When you want the pizza delivery to be hot, turn on the oven in preparation for reheating.
If you want your ride to pick you up on time, get excited about it being late.
If you don't want to get caught in the rain, pack an umbrella.

When you prepare for and make peace with what you don't want to happen, you don't mind if it does. Invite what you don't want to the table, and you're no longer afraid of what it will bring. When you're not attached to a certain outcome, you leave space for universal intelligence to make the best choice for you.

By deciding to be happy either way, what you want comes more easily because you aren’t thinking about how much you need it. If you feel like you need it, you push it away because you’re perpetuating your state of lack. Decide to not need it by welcoming its opposite, then you’ll find it’s already yours!

1. Write down what you don't want and feel the resulting tension in your body, specifically your chest and throat.

Now decide to be okay with that result. If it did happen, how would you make peace? Better yet, how can you get excited about it happening? What's one step you can take toward what you don't want?

2. Write down one step you can take to embrace the outcome you don't prefer. Feel the tension recede. You feel relieved. You're no longer afraid, which means your vibration is no longer blocked and stagnant. You're no longer disallowing what you do want because you're afraid of what you don't (the fear places all your attention on what you don't want). Now there is room for the best possible solution to present itself. And you'll get what you want either way!


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