Outlandish Theory Worksheet

Outlandish Theory Worksheet


Outlandish Theory is a .ZIP file containing 5 separate PDF printable worksheets (A4, A5, A5 2-Up, Letter, and Half-Letter 2-Up). The A5 2-Up and Half-Letter 2-Up files contain 2 pages for easy 2-sided printing.
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We have a friend whose reasonings often sound like the furthest thing from logic. To him, however, his theories make perfect sense. We realized recently that the theories in our heads are often just as outlandish as the ones our friend comes up with. Even though the plot lines are so certainly true in our minds, if we tell them to each other, they come out sounding completely ridiculous.

What’s your Outlandish Theory? Write it in the lines above. Now that you’ve written it out, does it seem as believable as it did in your head? Or is it completely irrational and mostly made up? Even if it appears logical, is it what you want? You don’t have to believe the stories your mind invents to explain the mystery (unless you want to).
If you don’t like the story, stop telling it!


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