Spell for Power

Spell for Power


Spell for Power is a 1-page, 11×8.5″ PDF worksheet. non-subscriber digital downloads are limited to two download attempts.

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Spell for Power is a spread from the upcoming Monthly Magickal Record by School of Life Design co-creators Jessica Mullen and Kelly Cree.

Your power comes from your presence. When your attention is focused in the thin slice of NOW between the past and future, you have access to divine inspiration, your intuition, and universal intelligence. In the present moment, play becomes possible. In the present moment, your manifesting abilities are at their peak, because you aren’t resisting the natural flow of well being with your thoughts.

Silent counting is a technique for becoming present. It is the practice of consciously focusing on a stream of numbers in your head, instead of following the whirlwind trains of thought trying to scatter your attention. All day, every day, we are barraged with thoughts that can take our imaginations into the darkness. But silent counting gives us a way to remain present in the moment during our daily activities. Use silent counting to plug the attention drain of scattered thinking and charge your magickal power back up.

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