The Fun Log

The Fun Log


The Fun Log is a 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF printable worksheet.
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To prepare for recording our audio podcast, The Fun Show, we keep a list of topics to talk to each other about on air. As with anything in life, we noticed that the more we looked for fun (or trippy, or deep, or thought-provoking) topics of discussion, the more we found. Not only that, but we realized that it was fun to look for fun. In the act of looking for something, we became it.

What brings you true enjoyment in life? Society programs us with answers to that question. We are supposed to think certain things are fun, so we long endlessly for them. When we get them, they undoubtedly fail to bring about the total fulfillment we envisioned. But what about your every day life exhilarates you? Look for enthusiasm, and you will become it!

Record the fun (or funny, or bizarre, or whimsical) goings on in your life every day this week. When you look for them, you’ll see them everywhere. Not only does this exercise empower you to attract more playfulness into your life, but it will also draw your awareness to the many miraculous and satisfying aspects of even the most banal experiences.


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