The Less Fucks You Give, the Happier You’ll Live

The Less Fucks You Give, the Happier You’ll Live


The Less Fucks You Give, the Happier You’ll Live digital download is a 1-page, 11×8.5″ PDF worksheet. There are two copies of the exercise per page, so you can cut it in half and make your own notepads. The 5×8.5″ Less Fucks notepad is approx. 50 glue-bound cardstock sheets with a strong magnet on the back so you can hang it on your fridge or filing cabinet.

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Whatever you care about, stop caring and it will work itself out! Just like a normal to-do list, list all the things you're worried about or need to get done. For each item, take a moment to imagine what it would feel like to not give a fuck if it doesn't get resolved or completed. Next, spend a few minutes staring at the pupil of the eye. It takes three minutes of sustained focus to begin opening your third eye--meaning it only takes three minutes to activate your magickal no-fucks-given abilities! Finally, decide to love and accept yourself exactly the way you are. You're already perfect and you don't need to DO anything to become better!


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