Trust Exercise | Optimism Worksheet

Trust Exercise | Optimism Worksheet


Trust Exercise is a .ZIP file containing 4 separate PDF printable worksheets (A4, A5, Letter, and Half-Letter). The Letter and A4 sizes contain 2 pages as spreads and the Half-Letter and A5 size are 4 individual pages.
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Learning to surrender the separate self involves building trust in life. When life seems to be happening to you instead of through you, it’s easy to get distracted into trying to control outcomes or imprisoned by strong preferences. When you notice your energy contracting in this manner, take interest.

Write down what you think is working against you and the date. Decide to trust the process of life and don’t try to take any action. When you realize why it was actually happening in your favor, return to this page to note why. Over time, you will find it’s all unfolding perfectly and you can rest in your natural state of knowing.


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