What Feels Fun?

What Feels Fun?


What Feels Fun? is a 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF printable worksheet.
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Have you ever gotten a nice chunk of time to yourself, only to blank on all the things you wanted to do when you got the time? Or maybe you felt overwhelmed at the prospect of filling the ever-coveted me-time with the perfect activity? Use this exercise to answer the omnipresent question on most people’s minds, “What should I do?”

Fill out all of the spaces, even though naming 26 fun activities might be a challenge. At first, your mind may default to things you think you should do for fun, or to instantly gratifying, self-destructive escape routes. Keep digging for what feels fun and focus intently on the feeling each imagined experience brings forth.

The deeper you dig into the center of you, the more resonance, bliss, enthusiasm and passion you will feel. That is when your path lights up for you, and you no longer have to wonder, “What should I do?” Because now you KNOW what to do!


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