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Think of the School of Life Design Magickal Library subscription as a gym membership for your mind. Just like you have to keep working out to maintain strength in your muscles, the same is true for your mind. To train your focus and attention requires daily diligence. With practice comes heightened awareness and abilities.

Just like when you start lifting weights, you can only lift a small amount to begin, but with practice you can lift heavier and heavier. The same is true for the power of your mind. At first you will notice small effects, but with more practice, you will notice the effects become bigger and stronger.

Notice it, get more of it

Whatever you pay attention to gets bigger, and endless sources compete for this focus every day. Are you spending your attention on what you want, and what you want more of? Enjoying a little time with the resources in the Magickal Library each day will make the creative power of your attention stronger and stronger.

When you take charge of where you place your powerful focus, you will notice more peace, more fun and more abundance in your life. Only you get to choose what you believe, and with the help of the Magickal Library, you can turn those beliefs into reality.

Print and share

Not only can you download and print as many files as you want, you can also share them with friends. Our exercises are a perfect activity for book club, birthday parties or a new moon circle with your coven. Print the journals yourself and give them to friends! Choose the exercises you like best and bind them into a Morning Ritual journal made just for you. Wallpaper your office with the pages that inspire you. Unlimited creations await!

We hear from many practitioners that they enjoy sharing our resources with their clients, students or other participants. If you are a practitioner, The Magickal Library subscription is a great way to access all of our materials and use them to enhance your practice.

Unlimited Downloads

Currently valued at over $360, you save 96% on face value when you purchase all of our digital resources at once. You also continue to save with unlimited access to all forthcoming worksheets, audio lessons, ebooks and meditations.

Without a Magickal Library subscription, your file purchases are limited to two download attempts, but with a subscription, you can download any file as many times as you like, from any device.

Magickal Library Downloads
Magick Library Daily Divination

Daily Divination

Just like any physical oracle or tarot deck, these "readings" will be indicative of the energy you're projecting into your life. They will always be a perfect match to what you're seeking in the moment you receive them.

Visit this section when you need direction in your life, a new idea to contemplate, an answer to your question, or just a suggestion on "what to do next." The Suggested Exercise draws a random exercise from one of our journals or printables and the Jessica Mullen Oracle Deck draws a guided breath meditation.

Guided Meditation Videos

SOLD co-creator Jessica Mullen is a renowned guided breath meditation facilitator who offers hundreds of free meditation videos on YouTube. Included with your Magickal Library subscription are all of Jessica's full-length, 15-minute meditation videos, not available anywhere else.

Your meditations make my day, I listen to them as often as I can. Thank you so much!” YouTube User DAVID LOPEZ

Your meditations work like NO OTHER. Thank you so, so much.” YouTube User Sylvia Brown


Your meditations are really life changing....lovethem all... thank you!!!” YouTube User Lovelies aromas

Magickal Library 15-minute meditations
Magickal Library Oracle Deck

Jessica Mullen Oracle Deck

Have you ever wondered which one of Jessica Mullen's (more than 800!) guided breath meditations you should listen to at any given time? Use this magickal oracle deck to take the guesswork out of deciding and get right to breathing in and raising your vibration! Your monthly subscription grants you unlimited access to the online version of the oracle deck, which you can access from any device.

Premium Fun Show Episodes

Unlock access to all premium Fun Show episodes when you subscribe to the Magickal Library! The Fun Show is an audio podcast that began as a radio show on Lucid Vibe Radio. Hosts Kelly Cree & Jessica Mullen, the creators of School of Life Design, discuss topics related to the SoLD materials and delve deeper into certain concepts with stories from their personal experiences. They also have a lot of fun!

Magick Library Fun Show
Magickal Library Special Offers

Special Offers

Subscribers have the option to sign-up for a subscriber-only email list to get special deals not offered to the general public.

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