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Do you ever want to start your own website? Kelly and I (Jessica) are web designers by trade, and for years we struggled to find a good, affordable web host for our website Running a business with both a membership program and shopping cart functionality tested our old webhost's technology to the max. In 2016, we found Lightning Base, a managed WordPress webhost.

If your eyes are glossing over at the mention of WordPress, please navigate away now! Yes, this is a blog post promoting our webhost because if you use our affiliate link to sign up, we get a small cut of the sale. But we thought it would be nice to share this information about webhosting, since we had a hard time finding someone perfect for us. Read on to discover why we love Lightning Base so much, and if you want to host your own website with them, we'd certainly appreciate you using our affiliate link to sign up!

1. Dedicated WordPress Host
Kelly and I work exclusively with WordPress as our Content Management System. We've been working with WordPress for over 15 years and know the software intimately. One perk of using Lightning Base is that their hardware is specifically designed to run WordPress websites. They take special care to protect against WP hackers, and optimize their systems to run PHP lightning fast.

2. Customer Service
The BEST part about Lightning Base is their customer service. It is so easy to open a support ticket, and they usually reply within the hour. You can contact them about anything (for example: a page not loading, a question about a plug-in, a request to change server settings) and they will do everything they can to help you. They have fixed so many problems on our site for us, and are always so courteous and kind. The customer service ALONE is enough reason to go with LB.

3. Solid State Storage
One perceived drawback of LB is that you don't get as much server space as many other discount webhosts, because LB uses solid state storage. However, using solid state storage means your website loads MUCH faster, because it makes database requests perform much more quickly.

4. Easy to Scale
If one day you wake up and get a huge traffic spike, you don't have to worry about your site getting shut down because you exceeded your bandwith limit. But thanks to Lightning Base's advanced caching system, even the smallest account can handle 1000 pageviews per second!

5. Snapshot Backups and One-Click-Restore
If you ever make a big mistake and your site won't load, you can easily revert to one of Lightning Base's daily backups with one click. And if you make a "snapshot" backup of your site through your cPanel, you can revert to that exact moment in time you chose when you made the snapshot. We have reverted more than a couple times, which is always an ENORMOUS relief when we mess something up. Way easier than the old days of using FTP and manually uploading database backups!

6. Free Site Transfer
If you're already running a WordPress website, Lightning Base will transfer your site to their servers for free when you sign up. This makes the whole process of switching hosts headache-free!

Click here to learn more or sign up for Lightning Base webhosting!

Please feel free to email us with any questions you have about webhosting or WordPress. And if you're looking for a team to hire for your own website, contact us for a quote!

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