The Fun Show S5E1: Beyond Manifestation

In this episode we talk about our work with School of Life Design, why we're moving beyond manifestation, what even is the point of making an audio podcast, and help Kelly transmute her irritation into fun! Lots of laughing, lots of random meme references, a real rollercoaster of emotions. Listen to The Fun Show LIVE on Saturdays from 10-11am Pacific on Shady Pines Radio!

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  • This episode resonated with me so much. I am also at a point in my journey where I am realizing that the only thing that matters is the Now, and that focusing on manifesting changes for the future pulls me out of being present in this moment. I 100% believe that if we focus on the Now, that the manifestation happens on its own. Thanks for sharing this conversation!

    • Thank you so much for listening and commenting Holly! It really encourages us 😀 Cheers to right Now!

      Jessica Mullen

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