The Fun Show S5E13: Listening

Kelly and Jessica talk about impregnating yourself by telling a friend, a magickal candle manifestation, how the Beyond Manifestation Journal exercises are helping them in their daily lives, the power of listening meditation, why they get annoyed with each other at the beginning of recording the Fun Show, a new technique for becoming present when you’re dreading your to-do list, and noticing when attention training is an ego-trip. Listen to the newest eps of the Fun Show on Saturdays from 10-11am Pacific on Shady Pines Radio!

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Comments (2)

  • Perfect timing!! I was sitting on my computer editing photos when I got the notification that this episode had posted! So excited to be listening to it right now. Also, I just started listening to my first Neville Goddard book, so I love that you mention him right off that bat!

    Holly Stevens
    • Ahh love the synchronicity! Thank you Holly, you keep us going!!

      Jessica Mullen

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