The Fun Show S6E15: Mooji F*cks

Kelly and Jessica discuss whether Mooji is a cult leader, review the online gossip exposing the Mooji controversy, how to go from seeker to sought, and why time is a misunderstanding. Listen to the newest eps of the Fun Show on Saturdays from 9-10am Pacific on Shady Pines Radio!

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  • The relationships Tony Moo-Young (Mooji) maintains with young women are an abuse of power. According to Ms. Tanya White, who spent eight years as a devotee of Mooji, he tells these women that having sex with him will ‘bring them closer to God’. I think that is a fraudulent statement, designed to mislead and confuse; if Mooji actually believes this statement, then he should publish it on his website, front and center. What he does instead is keep these relationships hidden and denies any involvement.
    Mooji denies having sexual relationships with his female devotees and actively pursues legal avenues to silence those who speak out about the abuse, as he did with well-known anti-cult activist Henri Jolicoeur. Women who he is no longer interested in are shunned by him and his inner circle of devotees.

  • I loved this! Thank-you for bringing light to some of the shadier sides of Mooji’s character. He has some meaningful teachings, but after watching enough of his videos I’ve realized I can practice those teachings without contributing to the commodification of spiritual practice put forth by his content. Also, he is essentially piggybacking off a more established Advaita Vedantic tradition for monetary gains. This is an interesting example of the dialectic between spirituality and materialism, an important topic for the history of humanity. After all, Marxism was founded upon revealing a similar dialectic discussed in his philosophical predecessor Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. That is, with any consideration of spiritual progression comes also a consideration of the material means which enabled such a progression, and a more enlightening question should center upon the materialist nature of spirituality rather spirituality itself. Mooji falls short in this materialist sense. While his teachings are spiritually meaningful, he is, after all, running a business which exploits the emotions of his followers.


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