The Fun Show S6E3: Happy Holy Whores

Kelly and Jessica talk about The Social Dilemma and how it has changed their social media usage, explore the “undivided mind” through the lens of Alan Watts’ book The Wisdom of Insecurity, how resistance itself is the pain (not the thing you’re resisting), revisit Carolyn Elliott’s techniques for seeing life as already perfect, why we’re all happy holy whores, all the new systems they’ve found after making peace with the literal shitshow in their apartment, and how the key is to appreciate without preferring. Ask your doctor if undivided mind is right for you!
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Comments (2)

  • I LOVE “I am conducting”!!! I’ve been using it ever since I listened to this episode last week!

    Holly Stevens
    • Yay so glad you love it! It was a game changer for us!

      Jessica Mullen

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