The Fun Show S6E4: Quiet Your Amygdala

This is a premium Fun Show. You must be logged in to the Magickal Library to hear the full episode. Kelly and Jessica talk about the passing of their treasured tortie cat Pwny and how her life coincided with Jessica’s financial ruin and redemption. They also talk about EMDR therapy and how walking quiets the threat detection center in your brain, and go over some exercises in the Beyond Manifestation Journal that help with grief and dread.

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  • I’ve done EMDR therapy and I definitely recommend it! It is very useful for reprocessing past trauma. Also, speaking of the amygdala, I have a book recommendation for y’all! It’s called “The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart” by Stephen Harrod Buhner. It is about the ancient ability of the heart to function as a perceptual organ (almost like another brain), and it includes lots of cool science and discussion of consciousness. I am not done with it yet but I wanted to make sure to tell you guys about it ASAP!!!

    Holly Stevens
    • Oh awesome I’m about to see if the library has it! Thanks so much for the suggestion and the comment!

      Jessica Mullen
    • Yay I snagged the ebook, thanks again!

      Jessica Mullen

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