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The Fun Show is an audio podcast that began as a radio show on Lucid Vibe Radio. Hosts Kelly Cree & Jessica Mullen, the creators of School of Life Design, discuss topics related to the SoLD materials and delve deeper into certain concepts with stories from their personal experiences. They also have a lot of fun! Subscribe in iTunes here!

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The Fun Show S3E6

The Fun Show S3E6: I Love Mondays #29

Kelly and Jessica discuss the ideas behind their latest I Love Mondays worksheet, covering thought direction, DIY oracle readings, radical gratitude and different manifestation techniques.

The Fun Show S3E5

The Fun Show S3E5: Become Car-free Right Now

Recorded in honor of dropping off our last rental vehicle, this episode is a love letter to our car-free lifestyle.

The Fun Show S3E2

The Fun Show S3E2: Law of Attraction & White Supremacy?

We usually try to keep it light on the Fun Show, but felt like there were some things that needed to be addressed.

The Fun Show S3E1

The Fun Show S3E1

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