“I Am A Powerful Witch” Email Newsletter from Aurora Lady

"I am a powerful witch."

It's a phrase I took to heart the first time I heard it-- over and over in my friend Jessica Mullen's meditation for School of Life Design. It's been a beacon of light for me as I've engaged my own art practice over the past year. So much so, that I asked if we could team up with this purse collab.

"I am a powerful witch."

I mean, saying that feels GOOD. Her whole meditation feels good! I imagined a purse emblazoned with these words, a testimonial that could be taken anywhere the wearer went-- a reminder of how to center and ground in any situation. My purse acts as my own portable altar. That's how this purse feels.

"I am a powerful witch."

Just breathing feels powerful, and thank goodness I can do that all of the time! Have you heard Jessica's meditation? Go here. Go now. Click on over to School of Life Design and get gnarly with all of the mindset tools they offer up. Holy MOLY.

"I am a powerful witch."

You know what makes me feel powerful? Creating cool shit. Making cool shit with my friends, like the Powerful Witch purse. Knowing that you're gonna write back to this email, telling me what makes YOU feel powerful.

I am a powerful witch."

The Powerful Witch purse is available on my website, ready to be sent off to your home. It's one of a kind. It's somewhere between dreamy and super fucking real.

I see your power,

Aurora Lady

P.S. What are you listening to right now? I wanna know! I'm all up in Bikini Kill. Again. YUM.

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