The Fun Show S5E6: Forget the Mirror

This is a premium Fun Show. You must be logged in to the Magickal Library to hear the full episode. Join Kelly and Jessica as they look back on their video podcast, how they’re underrated as artists and if you’re listening to this you’re really onto something, how to not resist your daily tasks, how Jessica likes being controlled, why a human hand can’t make our journal, relentless tricep (and mind) training, when mental codes lose their flavor, “don’t change the mirror, change your face,” getting back in the flow, controlling by letting go, and ask the question, “Is divination dumb?”

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  • I love what Jessica said about how she uses smiling to help herself feel what she wants to feel!! I have been noticing the power of smiling ever since I was young, and I still use that power to great effect. The thing I miss most about pre-COVID times was being able to smile at strangers on the street because, for me, it is the most uplifting feeling in the world to exchange a smile with someone you don’t even know. I loved this episode!!

    Holly Stevens
    • Thank you so much Holly! I totally agree about missing being able to smile at strangers! It’s such an effortless way to communicate. It’s really interesting to try to convey a smile through a mask! Thanks for listening and commenting, we love you!!

      Jessica Mullen

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