The Fun Show S8E1: I’m Here!

Kelly and Jessica talk about "I am here" as a delightful pointer to presence (from The Nondual Universe by James Twyman ), how to practice presence without a technique, Jessica living in the "steady state" since she got news of upcoming visitors to Cleveland (mentioned in Ramana Maharshi: Teachings of Self-Realization by Robert Wolfe), the moment Papaji became Mooji's master (from Breath of the Absolute by Mooji), the sadness and bliss that comes with not being able to get drunk on thoughts, and their new 1 year day planner, To Whom Is This Journal Arising?

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Comments (3)

  • I am soooo excited to be listening to the Fun Show again!! Just started this episode and I am beyond stoked. <3

    • we are soooo glad you’re here Holly! Thank you so much for listening!!! We love you!

      Jessica Mullen
      • I love you guys too! Also Dec 31 is my birthday so thanks for the bday gift. <3


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