I Love Mondays #3: Tools for Letting Go

I Love Mondays #3
This week's epiphanies are all about letting go of the negative and looking for the positive. We've equipped you with a good-quality-detector for appreciating in others what you want to cultivate in yourself. We've also provided a teacup for filling with all the attachments you've let go. There is a middle finger for telling off that one worry you just can't shake. And finally, a thunderbolt for sudden change in perspective, enabling you to turn your problem into a super power! Get out your pens and something NOT to drink, and enjoy making this Monday the best Monday of your life!

Download your I Love Mondays #3 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for FREE for 1 week following the publish date of this post! After that time, it will be $5 (free for subscribers).

I Love Mondays #3


1. You want tea? Don't take it.
Ram Dass' guru offered this method for letting go of attachment. Want a drink? Don't have one. Then you will have lessened the grip alcohol has on you and your thoughts. Keep practicing, and eventually you won't have the desire anymore.

At first, Kelly and I were both like, "Yeah that sounds like a good idea, but I definitely don't want to apply it!" Who wants to NOT have something they want, when they can have it?? So we started looking for easy examples of how to "not drink the tea".

We were in a car in the Taco Bell parking lot, trying to place our complicated vegan order from the Taco Bell app. It just wasn't going through, no matter what payment method we tried. We looked at each other and both agreed, we didn't need to drink the Taco Bell tea! We came home and ate some toast, and counted this as our first foray into not having something we want. Our attachment to Taco Bell? Turns out, it's pretty low.

I Love Mondays #3


2. Turn off your mental fault detector.

By the law of attraction whatever you think or say about another person, you bring to you. -- The Secret

The mind looks for problems. But the only problem with that, is when you focus on something, you get more of it. And then there's the whole, “what you don't like in other people, is what you don't like about yourself” concept. Every time I catch myself hating something about someone else, I find myself doing the same damn thing the next day!

Skip all this negative attraction and decide to appreciate instead of criticize. Focusing on other people's good qualities and successes nurtures those things for yourself.

The way you perceive other people is an out-picturing of your inner world. When you see people succeeding, it's your success because you created them through your perception. The only way it would be possible for you to experience success of any kind would be if it was a match to your vibration. So if you notice other people succeeding, it's a reflection of your own vibration of success. If you didn't have that vibration, you would see everyone around you failing and being miserable. So when you see success, congratulate yourself! It means YOU have that successful vibration! Be on the lookout—your own manifestation of success is imminent!

I Love Mondays #3


3. Decide not to care!
When you're attached to a specific outcome, you send a vibration of “I won't be happy if it doesn't go my way.” Your creative words are generating a reality of “I won't be happy.” And basing how you feel on external conditions is a recipe for unhappiness. You cannot control what happens. You can only control your reaction to it—how you feel now.

Not caring is also the key to manifesting. You can have anything you want! When you ask it is given! But the second you doubt if you can have it, or you need to know HOW you're going to get it, you get in your own way! You are the creator! Of course you can have it! You made it!

The universe will find a way to get you everything you want, if you don't get in the way with your doubts. The phrase “let go and let god” is one way to think about it. Trust that it will work out and it will. But you have to really have the mental discipline to let go of the doubtful thoughts.

Kelly was getting upset that someone wasn't writing her back. But she made a conscious decision to not care, and to not let it affect the way she felt. The person got back to her within the day, and it turns out they just didn't see the notification. Later, she worried whether someone was going to get something done on time. Again, she decided to not care and not think about it again. Then the person turned it in early!

When you care about something to the point that it affects the way you feel, say fuck it! Decide to not care! Take the leap! You don't care if that thing ever happens, and you'll never think about it again!

I Love Mondays #3


4. Let your problems carve your superpowers.
It takes a lot of creative energy to worry. All the creative energy that you have built up into worrying about a problem, you can use that as momentum towards the opposite. Whatever it is that's bothering you, it's really helping you unlock the power within yourself.

You have to know one side of the wave to experience the other. When you know what you don't want, you know what you want. When you have strong negative feelings, it's helping you. It's the only way you can have strong feelings on the positive side.

Ask yourself what your contrast is. What is the problem you're focused on right now? Then think about what strength it is helping you uncover. For example, we have this issue with our cat shitting outside her litter box every day. What is that problem teaching me? Patience and the ability to feel good regardless of circumstance!

Another example is the problem of a client not communicating. It's training us to not let other people's behavior affect how we feel. When you look at problems as actually GIVING you a strength that will help you the rest of your life, it gets easier to say YES! THANK YOU! to your problems and appreciate them for the person they are helping you become.

Download your I Love Mondays #3 1-page, 8.5×11″ PDF worksheet for FREE for 1 week following the publish date of this post! After that time, it will be $5 (free for subscribers).

I Love Mondays #3

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