Meditation on How to Focus

Meditation on How to Focus


Meditation on How to Focus is a 12-minute video meditation with Jessica Mullen. The zipped file you receive includes an .m4v, an .mp3, and a transcript .pdf. The .zip file is 263MB. Non-subscriber digital downloads are limited to two download attempts.

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Often we think that focusing means thinking. We try to think ourselves into focusing. But what really happens is our thoughts distract us from our focus. When you’re focused, you’re in the present moment, and you’re not really thinking. You’re just being. Open. Receptive. Listening. It is in this moment that we allow infinite intelligence to flow into us. And it is in this moment that you nail your presentation or ace that test. Meditation on How to Focus will help you get there. This guided breath meditation will help you relax away from your thoughts and allow you to get in your "zone". Focus and let the universe do the work; you're just along for the ride.


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